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A Town Hall Worth Talking About

For some reason or another my biggest events (by headcount that is) are always coming my way at the last minute. Now I'm not complaining, these large headcounts are fun but definitely challenging when it feels like it's the eleventh hour. Nonetheless, let's dive into the 400+ attendee Town Hall with the banking company Truist I served earlier this month.

This corporate event was held at the new Marriott in Owings Mills, MD. I had worked with the Marriott once before and they knew when Truist came in looking for some sweets I was the one to call (and I'm so happy they did)!

This was an employee attended event with 400+ of their Maryland based associates attending what they called a Town Hall. So big even the CEO, William Rogers was in attendance. Talk about needing to impress!

The concept was pretty straightforward...PURPLE EVERYTHING! Which was achievable because a lot of the bulk candy I use comes in purple. Now don't' ask me how many grape flavored items there were...I can deliver on color but it's out of my control that most associate purple with a grape flavor. 😜 Luckily we were able to throw in some mini dessert items which avoided the overdosing on grape sweets. Speaking off...

The two tables designed had nearly every purple candy you could imagine. The mini desserts consisted of three types of mini cupcakes, brownie and cookie dough cake pops. Custom logo cookies, lollipops and French Macarons. All of the vendors I used for this event were women owned and small businesses. 🙌🏼 All but one was local which was literally the icing on top. Each and everyone woman came through for me for this event. I was setting up not just one but two dessert tables and remember, we had VERY short notice. Everything was ordered in bulk or very high quantities (400+ guest count, say what!?!) So as you can imagine I own these ladies big time!

Though these types of large events can be grueling to execute, I still feel grateful for the opportunity. It's enjoyable to me to create large displays that people get to experience and to do it for a large corporate company such as Truist is certainly worth sharing. I'm so proud of the events I've successfully achieved and really proud to do it along some other amazing girl bosses! 👊🏼💥💜

Vendor 💕

Client: Truist

Cake Pops: Bertuccos Bakery

Custom Logo Lollipops: Sweet Caroline Confections

Custom Logo Cookies: The Savory Soiree

Custom Logo French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons


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