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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you make all the candy and desserts yourself?
    Though I would love to admit that I am master baker or confectionary artists, I sadly am not. I have HUGE respect for my friends in the industry who have mastered those skills. It takes serious talent. To answer the question more specifically I outsource all the sweets used in my designs. The great news about that is your options are endless. I can order things locally (which I strive to do most the time) or ship from vendors across the country. Regardless of where the candy or desserts come from you can rest assure they are only the best quality as I've vetted all my sources in advance.
  • How many candy or dessert items do I get to choose?
    I don't limit my clients on a set number of sweets. I find it limits the creativity and restricts in the planning process. And let's be honest, I'm the fun part of planning an event, am I right!? ;-) Typically I do suggest that for larger events you serve 6-8 different varieties and for smaller events (think 50 or under) 4-5 different items. That's your average but I'm also very open to new ideas and experimenting with unconventional ideas. Regardless of the quantity I do always suggest clients choose a variety of flavors. Something chocolatey, something fruity and something plain. This always ensures you've got a good baseline for your guests wide range of taste buds.
  • Can we provide the candy and you set it up?
    Unfortunately, no. As much as I understand you feel you can get a better price or better deal on candy from your source I can't guarantee that will be the case. It also comes down to trusting your hired professionals. My services are there to help take a burden off of you during the planning process. Not only does my price include the design but it covers the cost of set-up and take down, the freshness of the sweets themselves and the quality level. You won't get a jar of jolly ranchers when you hire me. You will get well throughout, curated designs that compliment you wedding or event. It's all in the details and that is something at Truly Scrumptious we pride ourselves on.
  • Do you offer Gluten-Free options?
    Yes! We have no dietary restrictions we can't handle. Gluten-free, vegan, kosher. We can curate a custom table that meets the needs of you and your guests. This also goes for nut-free. All designs have the option to add labels to the sweets being served so that guests can be informed if there is an allergy concern.
  • How many events do you do a day?
    We have a strict rule of one event a day. It can be tempting to take on more than one (particular in the peaks of wedding season) but we find this to be unfair to all involved. Limiting ourselves to one event per day means we can give our client 100% of our full attention which is exactly what they deserve.
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