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1.3 million and counting...

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So apparently when you even remotely hint at being against birthday cake OR you use the word "charcuterie" in another way other than implying dried meats you get some attention. That's what happened to me over on Tik Tok. 😳 Wait, what!?! Truly Scrumptious is on Tik Tok....ahhh yes, the secret it out. 🙈🤫

So let's back up to the beginning of the story, shall we. I was contacted in the early Fall from a past client wanting something fun for her daughter's 13th birthday. I had done a really fun rainbow and unicorn dessert table for her 10th roller skating party so needless to say I was excited to work with the family again.

Turning 10 never looked so good 😎

This years party was going to be taking place in their own home and they had a specific spot they wanted to display the sweets. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Given the circumstances I knew that my traditional set-up wasn't going to be the best for this space. I had to think quick to achieve something fun, age-appropriate, and on budget. That's when it hit me, I pitched my idea for a table-top candy charcuterie spread. Basically taking the concept of a traditional charcuterie and replacing the dried meats and cheeses with candy and mini desserts. Luckily my clients quickly saw my vision and gave me the green light to make it happen. I was thrilled and terrified at the same time.

Since I think most of you are mostly interested in the end result (and I don't blame you) I'll skip to the images and let those speak for themselves.😊 Honestly, for never attempting a candy-version of a charcuterie board I am really happy with how it came together and I'm even more grateful to my clients for trusting me and letting me experiment on their watch!

So circling back to Tik Tok. I posted a short harmless video, or at least I thought it was harmless and well it's since blown up. Like REALLY BLOWN UP! The video is currently sitting at 1.3 million views and hundreds of comments. Most of the comments are very complimentary and flattering however I don't think it's possible to post a video for the world to see and not have some trolls come out. Even with the subject matter as sweets, maybe especially because the subject matter is sweets. 🙄 To me I don't read too much into it, most of the negative comments are implying I'm against birthday cake (which I'm totally not!) and the whole "charcuterie" thing is quite silly. It's very clear I was using a play on words with "candy charcuterie" and I was using the concept of a traditional charcuterie but making it out of candy. BUT boy did that really get some folks in a tizzy! Luckily I'm open to suggestions and there's an ongoing thread for name suggestions. Care to contribute? I'll leave you with a few that have been graciously provided to me via Tik Tok....

A candy-cutesy

A Sweet Spread

Charcandy Spread

Confection Board


Candyterie Board


Treat-erie Board

Candy Couture


Confectionary Sweet Board

and the list goes on...

To round out this post, this experience is my first really "viral" video and there are certainly some thoughts and lessons learned from going through it. Those probably deserve their own post so I'll save that for a later time. Until then if you are interested in the "viral" video I've made it easy and posted it below but do a girl a solid and give me a follow on any of my social media posts and chime in on the commentary if you feel inclined. The more the merrier! 😜

And I should note the most important thing at the end of the day is if the birthday girl liked her party and since I was there and have first hand experience I can confidently tell you she absolutely LOVED IT! Happy 13th Birthday Abbey!


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