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A Sweet Success at Our First Graduation Party

At Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars, we pride ourselves on creating memorable and delicious experiences for a variety of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings. However, we recently had the opportunity to embark on a new adventure: designing our very first graduation party. We are thrilled to share the delightful details of this special celebration with you!

A Serendipitous Beginning

Initially, we almost had to turn down this exciting project due to our busy schedule. But after some careful consideration, we knew we had to take it on. The graduate was heading to Elon University, the same school my younger sister attended. As a fellow dance major (though at a different university), the graduate's upcoming journey resonated deeply with me. It felt like fate was stepping in, and we couldn't resist being part of this milestone moment.

2024 Grad dessert table

A Palette of Pride

The design for the party revolved around the graduate's high school colors: navy, Carolina blue, yellow, with touches of white. These vibrant hues provided a beautiful and cohesive theme that perfectly captured the spirit of graduation and new beginnings.

Decadent Desserts and Candy Galore

The client requested a delightful mix of mini desserts and candy, and we delivered an array of treats that left everyone smiling. Partnering with local favorite Starry Night Bakery, we offered an assortment of mini desserts, including:

  • Banana cream parfaits

  • Blueberry shortcake parfaits

  • Hot chocolate mini cupcakes

  • Blue and yellow sprinkle cupcakes

In addition, Sweet Caroline Confections crafted custom beach-themed lollipops, a nod to the graduate's love for the ocean. Our candy selection featured everything from custom M&M's to blue raspberry sour belts, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Custom Creations for a Special Occasion

We also collaborated with The Savory Soiree, a talented mom of three, who baked incredible custom cookies. These cookies featured adorable designs, such as diplomas, "Class of 2024" inscriptions, and cap and gown motifs, adding a personal and celebratory touch to the dessert table.

Class of 2024 custom cookie

Setting the Scene with Style

Gala Cloths provided us with a stunning satin blue linen that set the tone for the elegant dessert display. But the highlight of the decor was undoubtedly our collaboration with Ty from High Haven Balloons. Ty created a breathtaking balloon arch and life-sized GRAD LED lights that served as the perfect backdrop for the celebration. This partnership was a game-changer, bringing a vibrant and festive atmosphere to the event.

Life-sized GRAD LED lights with balloons

Custom blue, white and yellow graduation party dessert table

A Graduation to Remember

Our first graduation party was an unforgettable experience, both for the graduate and for us at Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars. The combination of delicious desserts, customized candy, and eye-catching decor came together to create a celebration that was both beautiful and fun. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a significant milestone and look forward to designing more graduation parties in the future.

candy & dessert table for a 2024 graduate

Thank You

A heartfelt thank you to all our collaborators, including Starry Night Bakery, Sweet Caroline Confections, The Savory Soiree, Gala Cloths, and High Haven Balloons. Your contributions helped make this event a resounding success.

To the graduate heading to Elon University, congratulations and best wishes for your bright future ahead. We are honored to have been part of your celebration. Here's to creating more sweet memories together!

Allison, Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars


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