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A Whimsical Garden Themed Wedding

September can be a busy month and this year is no exception. I had a double header which to those not in the events industry essentially means two events in one weekend. It's a tough schedule at times but at the end of the day I'm always still grateful for the work I receive even when the events are back to back.

On this particular Sunday morning I had the pleasure of traveling down to Pasadena, MD for a wedding on the waterfront. The venue was The Anchor Inn and it truly was right on the water. The overarching theme of the wedding was a whimsical garden vibe with shades or green, burnt orange, ivory and pinks. The florist provided a large centerpiece floral arrangement that was the main focal point of the sweets table.

Some of my personal favorite items in this dessert table were the French Macarons made by Mrs. Macarons, the custom daisy lollipops by Sweet Caroline Confections and the custom cookies by The Savory Soiree. It's a real treat when you have the opportunity to work with talent vendors who are truly the experts at their particular craft. Every element really helped pull together the garden theme and the colors worked well together.

Close ups of the incredible custom cookies made by The Savory Soiree.

Vendor Love:

Design & Planning: Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars

French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons

Mini Desserts: Starry Night Bakery



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