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After a year of uncertainty there is hope...

Let me set the scene for was the beginning of May 2020. We were all still in the thick of it with the pandemic and that "normal" life we were all desperate to have again. I received an email inquiry from a bride who was planning her special day a year out (almost to the day). She was a lover of all things sweet, and she couldn't be more excited to plan what was one of her favorite highlights of the wedding day. Talk about a DREAM client!

The color palette for the wedding couldn't be more perfect for the venue and the time of year. A white modern barn, lush flowers of rose, mauve and gold, along with lots and lots of greenery. It was going to be a rustic spring wedding with a touch of timeless elegance.

The bride, Nicole, knew what she liked, and quite frankly had impeccable taste. We quickly settled on desserts that offered a variety of flavors, but also looked just as nice as they tasted. To add in a touch of personalization, we had custom monogrammed cookies made by Sugar Monkey Cookies to match the wedding day flowers and colors.

To add another element to the table, I reached out to my ever so talented baker, Jammy, over at Mrs. Macarons to create the most beautifully crafted French macarons you've ever seen. Not only are they flawless, but she also color matches the gluten-free desserts to the flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

Though the bride & groom were serving quite frankly one EPIC dessert spread, they also still cherished the tradition of the wedding cake. They opted for a simple white naked cake to be the focal point of the entire design. What I love most about their choice was that they went with a confetti cake on the inside. Channelling that childhood favorite was perfection, and honestly one of the best choices- it was like your classic business in the front, party in the back; except it was business on the outside, and party on the inside. 🎉

When it comes to offering guests a wide variety of sweets, I ALWAYS make sure to make everything very accessible. If the table can't be beautiful and functional at the same time then it's not worth it. Bite-sized dessert items such as mini oreo cheesecakes, mini cannolis, and strawberry champagne cupcakes are easy to grab and flavor powerhouses. Guests will indulge because the items are mini so they don't feel as guilty taking two, or three, or even four or more. #wesaygoforit

I absolutely love that Nicole & Ray took advantage of their photographers and got some great photos of them cutting (and eating) their cake. They had fun with the tradition, and feeding (or more like smashing) each other made for a really special memory.

I'd like to take a moment to shout out all the amazing vendors that worked with me to get this design pulled together. It's the teamwork that makes the dream work!

Vendor Love:

Wedding Cake: Starry Night Bakery

Cupcakes, Cannolis & Cheesecakes: Starry Night Bakery

Custom Cookies: Sugar Monkey Cookies

French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons

Venue: Kylan Barn



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