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Alternative Halloween Ideas for 2020

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We can call it, Halloween 2020 is not going to be normal. But you know what, thats okay! We've gathered a list of really great alternative options that won't spoil the fun. So no matter what your comfort level is we've got you covered.

Home Base

If you are staying at home base (aka not leaving your house) you can still make Halloween night fun and spooky. Here's a list of great activities you can do with your kids.

  1. Grab a pinta at the store and stuff it with a the bag of Halloween candy you'd normally pass out. Now your kids can still get their candy and have a little fun getting it too.

  2. Family Game Night. Grab the snacks (or one of our candy charcuterie boards) and gather all those favorite board games.

  3. Spooky Movie Night - Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Monsters Inc....this list goes on and on. Pop that popcorn, turn down the lights and cuddle up next to the best person who doesn't mind a few hand squeezes or jerks into the air when you get spooked.

Trick or Treating Covid Style

If you want to still enjoy the traditional Halloween night there are ways to still achieve it safely with some pre-planning.

  1. Choose a costume that has a mask. So we know everyone is pretty tired of wearing masks but Halloween is the one holiday that wearing a mask is actually totally acceptable. And even is your costume of choice doesn't normally require one I think there are some pretty creative ways to make them look pretty cool.

  2. Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt. Ok so we know its an Easter Egg hunt but it still involves candy. This is such a great idea to ensure Trick or Treaters stay socially distanced. Put out a sign that is well lit to let kids know how many eggs they are allowed to find to ensure enough can go around. You can buy glow in the dark easter eggs or fill them with mini glow sticks so they show up around the yard.

  3. Candy Chute. Six feet, no problem. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to create your own candy chute that keeps you from all the trick or treaters but still serves them candy (which is all they really care about anyway, am I right?)

  4. Pre-packaged candy bags. Limiting the number of hands that go into one bucket or bowl is a really good idea. We suggest pre-packaged treat bags so kids can easily take one and be on their way. We've created four different Halloween signs that let people know to keep their distance while having fun. All of which are FREE for you to use. Grab your freebie below and don't forget to tag us at @truly_scrumptious_candy_bars so we can see how you incorporated your sign into your Halloween night.

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