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Covid-Friendly Wedding Favors

For better or for worse, Covid-19 has really thrown everyone's world upside down and inside out. From working parents, to stay at homers, kids and teens, healthcare workers and teachers, no one has been unaffected. And then there are the couples, attempting to start a life together, wanting to celebrate with loved ones and make a commitment to one another that is quite frankly a monumental moment in one's life. Like planning a wedding isn't hard enough now throw a pandemic in the mix and WHOA heads are literally spinning.

By now there are countless blogs and stories about how to plan a wedding during a pandemic, what recommendations to consider and how to maximize your original plan amongst some restricting rules. I'm not here to rehash those tips (though quite important and useful so I strongly believe they should NOT be overlooked). However, if you're at the point where you've made the major adjustments and now are fine tuning your new wedding day plan, I've got some tips on how to keep the day sweet and memorable within the small details of the day.

As you can imagine my one woman show has basically come to a screeching halt due to the pandemic. Obviously any wedding or event of large scale is not allowed at this moment in time and even the small ones are weary to have a buffet style table for guests to enjoy. Just as most self-serve food options have temporarily closed down, so has mine. It's taken some time for me to realign myself and make my own adjustments within my business but today friends, today I'm here to share with you some of my favorite and most recommended candy related wedding favors that ARE Covid-friendly. No large display, no fancy cake stands or glass apothecary jars. On the contrary some small, well thought-out favors that still leave your guests with a lasting impression (in the sweetest way possible of course!)

So let's dive in!

Pre-packaged French Macarons

These delicate sweets can be packaged up in pairs and tied with a sweet bow and tag for a surprise treat at each place setting. The great thing about serving your guests these little gems is that they are naturally gluten free so all your guests can enjoy them without any worry. Coordinate the treats with your wedding colors and BAM you're killing the wedding game!

Looking for a vendor? Baltimore, MD locals you're in for a treat. Here are a few of our favorite Macaron makers!

2. Cocktails, Anyone?

From Champagne-flavored gummy bears to single malt chocolates there are many cocktail inspired sweets you can package up and offer guests. You can take the DIY route and buy the candy in bulk and pre-fill your bags or boxes or go through a favorite vendor of ours, Sugarfina. You can even take it a step further and customize the labeling to meet your wedding day designs. Cocktails and candy mixed together, if you don't like that, well then I'm afraid to say we may not be able to be friends. ;-)

3. Custom Iced Cookies

Individually wrapped cookies are a great option as a Covid safe dessert. They are beautiful, delicious and the design options are endless. Cookie decorating in itself has become wildly popular and the talent has grown exponentially. When looking for a cookie vendor it's important to look for their attention to detail. Custom iced cookies are handmade one by one so choosing a vendor that can execute a great design beautifully in high quantity is key. Here is a short list of a few of our personal favorite (and very talented) cookie artists:

4. Custom Lollipops (aka The Original Sparkle Lollipop)

If you are looking for a sweet that last a little longer than just a few bites then we've got the thing for you. Our friend Andrea owns Sweet Caroline Confections and she specializes in handmade custom lollipops. Known as the original Sparkle Lollipop this sweet confectionary item is a fan favorite. From edible glitter designs to custom names and logos Andrea does it all. Bonus: she ships worldwide so you can get your hands on these suckers literally from anywhere!

5. Mini Cakes

If you have your heart set on a serving a traditional wedding cake that is completely doable! Opt for mini cakes or parfaits that are already portioned out so there is no cake cutting, finger touching serving issues to worry about. Still not convinced? We also recommend getting a small cake for display. We call this a "smash" cake. It's small enough to be affordable but can be used for photo opts and that traditional wedding cake cutting moment. And since it's called the "smash" cake go right away, get that new hubby smack in the face. ;-) If that's your thing of course, no judgement here. In fact we're here for it!

6. Mint To Be

If you're craving something rooted in tradition consider a small bag or package filled with mints or jordan almonds. There's a longer explanation for the significance of sugar and wedding favors (but that's for another day). If you choose packaging that enhances the mints (think custom labels or reusable containers) your guests will surely love it.

Love the ideas but don't feel like you can handle another thing on your wedding to do list? We've got you covered. Hop over to our Services page and check out our new Covid friendly favor options we are now offering. Don't worry girl, we've got you!



P.S. - Looking for a printable version of these ideas...bitty bobbity boo my loves

Covid-Friendly Favors
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