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Halloween Inspired Grazing Boards

We've found our new obsession and we guarantee your guests won't be able to keep their hands off of it. Let's get down to business and talk about Grazing Boards. You may be familiar with a charcuterie board or a crudités board. Grazing boards are pretty much the same thing except in our opinion they can display just about anything. It's a feast for your eyes and anything and everything beautiful and bite-sized can be offered. Let your imagination run wild!

Today we're showcasing two of our homemade boards for the Halloween holiday (which by the way is literally knocking on our doorstep) along with some helpful tips for creating your own this holiday season.

Here is our rule book when it comes to creating a grazing board.

1. Pick a theme. Whether it's for Halloween, a baby shower, or a Sunday football gathering make sure you acknowledge who your audience (or taste-testers) will be and showcase edible items that will be fitting for the occasion. 

2. Make it bite-sized. Everything on the board should fit into the 1-2 bite category. If you have to cut or slice an item then its too large and inevitably things get messy. You want to tempt your guests to graze, meaning eat small quantities at frequent but irregular intervals. Keep-'em coming back for more! ;-)

3. Variety. Add a variety of options that will satisfy all the tastebuds. It helps to put some items that you know people will like (those obvious go-to snacks) but to also throw in some surprises that people typically don't eat. We also like to vary the quantity of each item. You'll notice in the photo above, we don't have 10+ ghost marshmallows. We have two. It's a game of "get it while it's hot" and it truly does get people to oooh and ahh over what's going to go first. No one likes to experience FOMO so they'll be tempted to snatch up the good stuff first which is a win for you! 

4. Have fun with it. Don't worry if things are evenly spaced or symmetrical. As long as the board is overflowing with options usually you're guests will wiggle their fingers above trying to frantically choose what they'll taste first. Keep things colorful, try different textures and shapes and most importantly be creative!

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