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Halloween Mini Sweets Display

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Halloween is at the end of the month and the stores are filled to the brim with sweet treats. We put together two quick, mom-friendly DIY Halloween themed sweets table to inspire those tastebuds. 

Our go-to source for most items was HomeGoods. Who doesn't love a good HomeGoods visit, right? Items can be found in small quantities with reasonable pricing so its the perfect spot to shop when creating a small display.

The first look is a colorful display of not too scary Halloween favorites. (we've got a two-year-old in the house so this is an age-appropriate set up for her). 

Candy Items Included:

 * Candy Corn

 * M&Ms

 * Taffy

 * Swirly Lollipops

 * Candy Buttons

 * Pixie Sticks

 * Teeth shaped Gummies

 * Halloween themed Iced Cookies

 * French Macarons

Decor Items:

 * Ghosts BOO Napkins

 * Happy Halloween sign and spider web kit

 * Halloween themed blanket (used as a tablecloth, personally owned)

All in all the total look cost roughly $40.00. While we know most, ok ALL of the candy will be consumed the Happy Halloween wall decor can be packed up and re-used for next year! That's a #momwin if we ever saw one! 


The second look is a bit more spooky and is appropriate for a slightly older crowd. Still, kid-friendly but could also be easily adapted to serve for more of an adult-themed Halloween party. Add in some spooky goblets of Merlot and you've got yourself a wine and dessert pairing that pretty much anyone would be happy to indulge in.

We gathered items from around the house to stack the sweets on top of and make a tiered effect. This makes it easier for guests to help themselves but also see what is being offered. Using unusual containers that aren't necessarily always used for serving keeps things interesting. As long as its clean and sanitary its free game to us.

I hope you enjoyed our Halloween inspired looks. Now get out there and start creating! xoxo

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