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Life Catch Up

Whelp, its been awhile....a long while. Truth be told I don't have a good excuse other than I really don't love writing blogs thus it usually falls off the wayside for me. It's work and I'm not confident in it so low and behold I just don't do it. BUT, I've hit a reset button and I'm putting all my effort into starting back up again and gaining more confidence in myself. So needless to say since it's been so long I feel like a quick life recap would be fitting.

1. Powell Party of FIVE!

The biggest news is that we are now a family of FIVE! Yup, I had a baby and he's already 9 months old! We are completely smitten with him and now our family really feels complete.

2. Our beloved fur baby

We lost our beloved fur baby Lincoln this past Spring. Sadly he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It came quickly and unexpectedly and it completely shattered our world. He was our first baby and was right by our side for so many milestones. I miss him everyday.

3. I'm going to be an AUNTIE!

In nearly 2 weeks I'm officially becoming an Aunt for the first time! I'm beyond excited to finally hold my little niece. My sister is due early October and I'm literally counting down the days! My little dude is going to feel like a toddler once she comes along. We were lucky enough to host a small socially distanced baby shower for her early this summer and the theme was "A little cutie is on the way". Citrus inspired and just peachy perfect!

So there's your quick little life update. There's a lot that happened in between all that but in order to keep it short and sweet I only recapped the main stuff. Hopefully this post will now only continue me on my journey to blog more often and consistently. Thanks for tuning in!

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