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The coolest sneaker & graffiti themed Bar Mitzvah I've ever seen

Weddings are great. They are beautiful, romantic, magical. I love a good wedding, I crave all the beautiful decor that comes along with a good wedding. But there is no denying that its refreshing when another type of event comes along and shakes things up. Enter the mitzvah market.

Truth be told I don't' have a ton of experience in this sector but I do know a few good planners who dominate in this space and they just happen to give me an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. In mid-April I had the pleasure of being hired by Celebrations to design and setup a epic candy table that brought home the mitzvah theme of sneakers and graffiti. This was fun and I certainly can't thank Lorin from Celebrations enough for trusting me to bring the events theme to life.

The overall vibe of the room was to make it seems like you were in an apparel store. There were custom sweatshirts hung on clothing racks and I used mini sneaker boxes to serve as the box the guests filled up with sweets. We had replicas of the iconic Nike, Air Jordan and New Balance boxes made.

To continue the apparel store vibe I used slide out acrylic boxes to hold the candy we served. They looked and felt like a drawer at a store where you'd find items for purchase yet this time it was loaded with sweets. Speaking of sweets the boxes were filled with items like sour patch kids, reese cups, snickers, M&Ms, gummy bears, lollipops, swedish fish and more. I purposely filled them with all pre-wrapped candy so that we didn't have to worry about hands going in and contaminating the sweets.

Lastly, to top off the look we had custom cookies made to match the party logo and drive the sneaker theme home. The custom cookies were created by none other than the ever so talented Erika of The Savory Soiree. She nailed the graffiti logo and even added in the table linen pattern to the design of the cookie. No detail went unnoticed.

custom shoe boxes serving as favor boxes for the candy buffet

I had an absolute blast creating this design and was thrilled to be working along some pretty amazing business women. If you are looking for an original party theme or ideas on how to make a lasting impression than make sure to follow me on my social channels to get all the inspiration you'll need!

Custom cookies for the Bar Mitzvah theme of sneakers and graffiti along with custom mini shoes boxes guests can use to fill up with candy and sweets

Vendor 💕

Planner: Celebrations


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