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Your Bmore Sweets Guide

Friends, I have to admit....I've got the hook up. After a few years in business I figured out all the best places to get that fix for your sweet tooth. And you know what, I'm sharing my top picks with ya right now. I know, this is AH-MAZING! So Allison, why are you sharing these gems with us? Well cause I love ya and I just wanna give you something to look forward to because this world is a bit crazy right now. I'll admit I've been stress eating these past few days...tell me I'm not alone?!

So here you go, my favorite spots in each sweet, sugary category for you to go love and adore just like me. Make sure you tell these favorite creators, business owners, hustlers and friends hello for me and give them a little love. Each and everyone of them have love and talent for what they do that will exceed your expectations, I promise!

The B-more Sweets Guide by yours truly,

Bmore Sweets Guide
Download PDF • 35.02MB

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