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Sweets Table

Our Sweets Table is the perfect combination of candy & bite-sized desserts. Our customized approach to the design process opens the door for endless options. 


Today all brides and grooms are looking for that one thing that will set them apart and make their wedding the hit of the year. We focus on pinpointing your style and making sure our design represents your full vision for the day. Each of our designs is customized and pricing begins at $15 per person.  Your guest count and candy and dessert selections will be the driving point for the final price tag.  We help our clients find the balance between offering the sticky sweet, ooey-gooey, mouth-watering, get in my belly sweets while staying in that sometimes, we'll say it...annoying budget. We get it and we have the expertise to guide you on what will work for your special day.  


Items Included when you hire us:

  • Consultation 

  • Design & prep-work 

  • Coordination with the wedding planner and/or venue manager

  • Logistical planning for all candy and dessert items (ordering, shipping & handling, etc.)

  • Day of set-up & take-down 


Additional Items Offered:

  • Theme accessories

  • Custom candy signs & labels (includes ribbon for the jars)

  • Custom candy take home bags/boxes

  • Flower arrangements

  • Upgraded table linens

  • Upgraded table (i.e. barn table, shelving unit, dresser, etc.)



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