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An end of Winter wedding and working with like-minded vendors

Let's call it like it is, winter weddings are probably not the most popular compared to the fall or spring season, but that doesn't mean a winter wedding has to be any less gorgeous. I had the pleasure of working with my clients, Annella & Walter, for their end of February nuptials, and together we were able to create a dessert bar that met their vision of a moody, candlelit aesthetic.

The overall color palette for the day was a deep plum, navy, silver, and white…oh, and add in lots of greenery. The best part of working with Annella & Walter was the fact that they surrounded themselves with an A+ vendor team. Timelines, communication, logistics- all were seamless, and much to the thanks of Carla & Jacqueline of Carter Grace & Co. I cannot stress enough how essential it is, and how much it's worth investing some of your wedding budget into a planner and other high quality vendors. It truly makes all the difference for all parties involved.

Okay, now let's talk about sweets. Basically, Annella & Walter wanted loads of options and tons of variety. We had cookies and pies, cheesecakes, cannolis, pretzels, French macarons....let's just say if you couldn't find something on this table to enjoy, that would be very surprising because there were SO. MANY. OPTIONS.

Of course, we have to thank all our sweet vendors that we love working with. Without their talent in the baking department our designs wouldn't ever come to life.

Vendor Love:

Wedding Cake: Starry Night Bakery

Cupcakes, Pie, Cannolis, Cheesecake: Starry Night Bakery

French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons

Custom Iced Cookies: The Savory Soiree

Wedding Planner: Carter Grace & Co

Venue: Maryland Live Casino


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