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Baltimore Weddings Maker Space Feature

I can't believe I'm typing this but I'm thrilled to share that I have a mini feature in the Baltimore Weddings Magazine. You can find the article in the Maker Space section and I hope you do because the team at Baltimore Weddings are darling and the photographer Marlayna is a gem. This was such an unexpected and amazing opportunity for me to showcase my passion for creating delicious and beautiful experiences for my clients.

I started this business as a creative outlet, but it has grown into so much more. I love every aspect of it, from connecting with my clients to seeing their wedding plans come to life. I've always balanced this business with being a mom, and I'm proud of what I've achieved. This feature has made me appreciate my journey and inspired me to encourage other moms who are pursuing their dreams. I cannot thank the Baltimore Wedding Team enough along with the photographer Marlayna Photography.

What a fun and thrilling experience! Fun fact, this is my first major feature for solely Truly Scrumptious in any publication! Eeekk!!! Now go read the article --> HERE

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