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DIY Sweets Table FREEBIE!

It's FREEBIE time!

Can we all agree that Pinterest can be so deceiving at times? Beautiful, inspiring photos that make your heart flutter. Whether its for planning your wedding to a birthday bash, Pinterest ideas can sky rocket that "I've gotta have it" list quickly and simultaneously burst that budget bubble.

I totally get it. A lot of times you want what you can't afford so you think well I'll just do it myself. You can't always afford to hire that professional help to create those Pinterest inspired looks. But fear not my friends, I am here to help! Even though my heart is a little sad I can't personally create some stunning display for you (I promise I won't take it too personally). I'm a DIY kind of gal too so I understand.

So fast forward to that freebie I mentioned in the blog title. I want to serve my audience and help curate beautiful tablescapes even if it means remotely from my computer screen. So I drafted up a FREE guide with my top must haves that I use for every sweet table design I create. And thats right, I'm sharing it (for free) with YOU!

So, want that professional look by doing it yourself? Then click the link below my friends and start getting to work!

Tips for a DIY Sweets Table
Download PDF • 4.27MB

xo, Allison


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