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Gluten-Free Options

To all my gluten-free fans out there I hope you know there is sweet yummy goodness out there for you to enjoy. And if you don't well you need to continue reading because I'm about to break down my top 3 favorite gluten-free items and where to get 'em!

#1 - French Macarons

Yes, I said it, French Macarons are NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE! They are made of almond flour so you don't even have to request a special batch from your local bakery. #score Talk about that sweet cream goodness on a fluffy sugar pillow!

So where can you get the best in town? My personal favorite, are my girls over at Flavor Cupcakery. They are located in Bel Air and their salted caramel macaron is literally to die for! 

#2 - Champagne Bears (Made with Dom Perignon no less!)

So if you get on my good side ;-) you'll probably be given a sweet gift from me at some point that will include these gems. We are talking about the grown-up gummy bear, my friends. Gummy bears infused with champagne that will make all your worries go away. Seriously why didn't I think of the idea to mix my childhood treats with my now adult necessity? #Genius Plus they are made without Gluten!!!! YASSS!

So where can you get them? Sugarfina. And yes I'll warn you now, I will be talking about this company A LOT! But your tastebuds will thank me for it. You're wallet not so much, your tastebuds, definitely!

#3 - A Sparkle Lollipop

So what is a sparkle lollipop you might ask? It's only the most creative beautiful piece of candy you've ever seen. My friend Andrea with Sweet Caroline Confections is the genius behind these beauties and I can't rave about them enough. She's come up with countless designs and she can customize them for you. Every time I use these for a design they are the first to go and they always get tons of compliments. And you guessed it, they are gluten-free!

Where can you get them? Visit her website directly for a hands-down sweet experience.

That's it, my friends, those are my top 3 picks for best gluten-free sweets. If you're looking for more information, check out the following link that breaks down all the major candy companies and what products they offer that will be available to you gluten-free.

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