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#NationalDessertDay - October 14th

Sound the alarms, it's National Dessert Day! This is one of my all-time favorite GIFs. I mean, I think we can pretty much all relate when we are in the presence of a scrumptious dessert!

In honor of #nationaldessertday I'm taking it back to a couple of years ago when I loaded up the family and headed to NYC for the semi-annual Dessert Goals convention. It was my first time and I was excited to share the sweets with my trusty taste-tasters (aka two kids and hubby). There were so many amazing dessert vendors there it was at moments overwhelming. Here are a few highlights from the trip (warning you may be drooling after viewing #sorrynotsorry)...

Needless to say we think dessert is always a good idea! So grab those sweets and help us celebrate National Dessert Day today! Enjoy my friends!!!!

xo, Allison

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