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Recreating the Magic: A Camp Walden Styled Shoot at Cold Saturday Farm

As the warm breeze danced through the trees and the sun began to set over Cold Saturday Farm in Finksburg, Maryland, something truly magical was happening. It wasn't just another styled shoot; it was a journey back to childhood nostalgia, inspired by the beloved movie, "The Parent Trap," and the enchanting spirit of Camp Walden. With a team of talented wedding vendors and a vision fueled by creativity, we embarked on a whimsical adventure to bring this dream to life.

From the very beginning, it was evident that this shoot was going to be something special. Led by the meticulous planning of Fancy Farm Fling, each detail was carefully curated to evoke the essence of summer camp bliss and youthful romance. From the rustic charm of Cold Saturday Farm to the vibrant blooms by Blossom and Basket Boutique, every element contributed to the nostalgic atmosphere we aimed to create.

Our team of vendors brought their A-game, each contributing their unique talents to the shoot. Vintage Views Bar crafted signature cocktails that perfectly complemented the laid-back vibe, while The Good Good Coffee Cart kept everyone caffeinated with their artisanal brews. Glam With Sam & Co worked their magic, enhancing the natural beauty of our models with flawless hair and makeup, while Christopher Schafer Clothier provided dapper suits that exuded timeless elegance.

Starry Night Bakery MD delighted us with their delectable treats, adding a sweet touch to the festivities, while Jules Inflated Creations brought whimsy to the scene with their playful balloon installations. Hazelwood Rentals provided the perfect finishing touches with their colored glassware, mustard chairs, and table numbers, creating an inviting space for our guests to enjoy.

But the magic didn't stop there. Yours truly curated a s'mores bar that ignited our taste buds and warmed our hearts, while RK's Catering impressed us with their artful charcuterie boards, elevating the picnic experience to new heights. Picnics by Franklinville Rd transformed simple gatherings into works of art, adding a touch of sophistication to our outdoor soiree.

And of course, no camp-inspired shoot would be complete without a bonfire under the stars. Mark Henry Events lit up the night with their light tunnel and bistro bonfire lights, casting a warm glow over our celebration and creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

As photographers captured the magic from their own unique perspectives, our models, including multiple bride and groom pairs, a lovable dog, a flower girl, and an engagement couple, brought our vision to life with their genuine chemistry and professionalism. Throughout the day, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie as each vendor diligently worked to execute their part of the vision, contributing their expertise to the collective tapestry of the shoot. From the meticulous attention to detail by Fancy Farm Fling to the artistic flair of Picnics by Franklinville Rd, every vendor played a crucial role in bringing the Camp Walden dream to fruition.

In the end, our Camp Walden styled shoot was not just a collaboration of talented vendors; it was a testament to the power of teamwork and creativity. Each vendor, though strangers at the outset, came together seamlessly to create something truly magical. As we packed up our belongings and bid farewell to Cold Saturday Farm, we carried with us the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that we had collectively brought a dream to life.

Until next time, may the spirit of collaboration and creativity continue to inspire us all!

Full List of the Vendor Team:

(PS: All of these vendors are for hire! 😉)

Hair & Makeup: Glam with Sam and Co

S'mores Bar: Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars

Charcuterie: RKS Catering

Note: Many other photographers also participated in this styled shoot and similar images can be found floating around social media. Everyone did a phenomenal job!













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