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That time when my Bride told me she's making her own wedding cake...

Yup, it's true. My Bride made her own wedding cake and no cliffhanger here, it was amazing! Now was I terrified when she told me her plans in our opening discover call, absolutely! But we were in the early stages of the planning process so I had full faith that her dream plans would shake themselves out. Needless to say, was I wrong!

Many of you you may not know is that it's not typical for me to meet my clients before their wedding or event. In some cases I've only ever communicated through email with them! Shocking I know.

In this case I had lots of phone calls with my amazing Bride and I soon realized I had nothing to worry about, she was a talented baker who knew exactly what she was doing. #thankful

Fast forward to the day of the wedding and I think you'll agree the pictures really show how the day panned out. It was a late August wedding in the countryside of Leesburg, VA. The venue, The Barn at Willow Brook, was absolutely gorgeous. A modern farmhouse and barn sit on the large property with stunning views of green pastures. It's literally a page out of a fairytale.

For all the vendor details keep scrolling to the bottom, it was certainly a #dreamteam!

The look on your clients faces when they see the reception space and the dessert table = priceless!

Now onto the sweets...

This was truly a treat to design. Knowing the cake was going to be a showstopper ( and just you wait, images below!!!) we decided to keep it seperate but have the mini desserts close by. The dessert table consisted of chocolate covered strawberries detailed in tux and wedding dress details. Glazed donuts, mini cannolis, chocolate covered pretzels, champagne gummy bears, French Macarons and the second show stopper of the edible cookie dough parfaits. Yes, you heard me, edible cookie dough at the wedding reception. It was a crowd pleaser for sure!

One of the main goals I always have when designing a dessert table is that it fits in with the rest of the reception. Usually I'm one of the last vendors to be hired so many of the plans have already been set (i.e. flowers, linens, lighting). It's my job to get a really good sense of the overall vision so that the desserts can slide right into the space and only elevate the celebration, not distract from it. I love the image below because it's a really great example of me achieving that for this particular wedding. #proudmoment

All in all, this modern farmhouse-like barn wedding was the epitome of classic, romantic, and approachable. I always feel so lucky to work with clients who know how to level up their big day with details that mean something to them and they don't take the stress of planning a wedding too seriously. The put their trust in me to create a sweet addition to the wedding cake and I am incredibly grateful for that.

The STUNNING wedding cake the Bride made herself! 🤯

Simply incredible. It still blows my mind how my Bride was able to do everything else she needed to do for the wedding and still make this incredible cake. Talk about talented! #blownaway #ihavethebestbrides

Sending out a BIG Congratulations Brandon & Kristina!

Vendor Love:

Wedding Planner: Willa Weddings & Events

Photography: United Photography

Catering: Helga's Caterer

Cake: by the Bride Kristina

French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons

Mini Parfaits: Flavor Cupcakery

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Starry Night Bakery


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