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A sea of 💕 PINK💕 plus a few mermaids

Calling all my girly girls! We wrapped up the month of January in my house with a very pink and sparkly mermaid themed birthday party for my middle child. My daughter Ivy, celebrated her 6th birthday and her request was a lot of pink (her favorite color) mermaids, sparkles, and sweets! (she's a smart cookie and takes full advantage of Mommy's business! ha!)

I decided to scale down the dessert table to a mini version because the guest count was fairly small and I upgraded on the cake so not too many other sweets were needed. The birthday girl had just as strong of a vision for the table as Mommy so she helped me with the fringe streamers and made the executive decision to do a zigzag pattern. Let me tell you she's a mini party planner in the making! She was the supervisor of all supervisors and helped with the balloon placements and of course had many cake design recommendations. 😆 At six you have very strong opinions and honestly I was happy to oblige for her special day.

I decided to keep with the pink and teal theme with touches of purple and gold along with some iridescent sparkle. You can never have too much sparkle at a 6-year-old girls birthday party. Candy included color coordinated nerd gummies, sour belts, cotton candy, and Starburst. The cake was a confetti cake with pastry cream filling and the cupcakes were chocolate and chocolate chip with your standard icing on top. Usually my tip for flavors is to keep it fairly simple with kids. Most just care about the icing and so I always stick with your traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Swipe to see her "this is amazing" face! Starry Night Bakery nailed the design!

Vendor 💕

Cake & Cupcakes: Starry Night Bakery

Candy: Starburst, Nerd Gummies, Cotton Candy and Sour Belts

Mermaid Balloon: repurposed from a few years ago but almost certain it's from Target

Fringe Streamers: Party City

Balloon Garland: DIY and balloons are from Party City

Styling: The Birthday Girl and Yours Truly! 😘

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Ivy! I love you!

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