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Fries Before Guys...Always

Listen, don't get me wrong I love my husband dearly. I'm blessed beyond measure that I have him in my life and he supports me to the fullest in ALL my endeavors. Butttt....I don't think it's wrong to teach my two little girls that being a strong and independent girl is a good thing. So obviously, I'm all for the #girlsruntheworld slogan and obviously the #FriesBeforeGuys cheeky line.

So in honor of Galentine's Day approaching and that Female is Future movement, I took those notations and adapted them to a fun little set up that applies to my sweet world.

All the items I used can easily be found at Target, Homegoods or Michaels. Models however, their mine to keep. ;-)

Mini Model's Fashion - Target

Fries Before Guys Marshmallow Fries - Target

Hot Pink Heart Cup with Straw - Homegoods

Flower Wall - Michaels

Who runs the world? GIRLS!


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