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Candas & Steve's September Waterfront Wedding

I know we're in 2023 but I'd still like to recap some of 2022 because I've got goodies to share! If you aren't in the industry than you wouldn't necessary know that most of the time receiving professional photos from a wedding can take some time, particularly weddings that are in the Fall. Let's just say be nice to your wedding photographers during the months of August-November because they are killing it every weekend probably multiple times a weekend. Peak wedding season in Maryland is crazy so there tends to be a backlog in the photo's department. But that's ok because when they do get released its kind of like Christmas morning. I love reliving all the memories and taking a second look at some pretty amazing moments.

So let's dive into the end of September 2022 when I had the pleasure of designing a garden themed dessert spread for my sweet couple Candas and Steve. The goal was to create a whimsical garden spread in shades of pale green, dusty blue, burnt orange and neutrals. The florist provided a centerpiece to serves as the focal point and the linens were provided by the venue, The Anchor Inn in Pasadena, MD. Candas and Steve had a vision and particular sweets in mind that represented them so I had the task to pull it all together.

For the desserts we stuck with bite-sized items that guests could easily grab with a single hand. Items included custom iced cookies, edible glitter lollipops and the best French Macarons you can get in Maryland. Let's not forget about the mini cannoli's, chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels and gummies. The showstopper was of course the custom cookies by The Savory Soiree who always leaves us dumbfounded in her incredible designs. The detail in the garden themed cookies was incredible.

Vendor 💕

Wedding Planner: Event Ability by Laura

Florist: Violets for You

French Macarons: Mrs. Macarons

Custom Cookies: The Savory Soiree

Mini Desserts: Starry Night Bakery



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