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Sweet Celebrations: 3 Must-Have Mini Desserts for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of love, and what better way to sweeten the occasion than with a delightful dessert table? As the proud owner of Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars, I've had the privilege of curating countless dessert experiences for couples on their special day. Today, I'm excited to share my top three mini dessert recommendations that will not only tantalize your taste buds but also create an enchanting experience for your guests.

1. Mini Dessert Cups (Cake Parfaits):

A mini strawberry shortcake dessert cup

First on our list are the elegant mini dessert cups, often referred to as cake parfaits. These delightful little cups are a symphony of flavors and textures, layering cake, creamy fillings, and fruit or other delectable toppings. They are not only a visual delight but also just fun to eat. The best part is that you can customize them to match your wedding theme or colors, creating a personalized and charming touch for your dessert table. Bonus feature, they're mini so you don't ever feel like you have over indulged.

2. French Macarons (Naturally Gluten-Free):

French macarons for a wedding dessert table with gold leaf applied

Add a touch of Parisian sophistication to your wedding dessert table with French macarons. These dainty almond meringue cookies are naturally gluten-free and come in a spectrum of flavors and colors. From luscious lavender to zesty lemon, you can choose macarons that match your wedding color palette. They'll not only delight your taste buds but also bring a touch of French elegance to your special day. I absolutely LOVE recommending these to my couples. They fly off the dessert table every time. Not to mention the photograph beautifully!

3. Mini Cupcakes:

Mini cupcakes with white icing and walnuts on top

There's no denying the universal appeal of cupcakes, and mini cupcakes offer a delightful twist. These bite-sized confections allow your guests to sample multiple flavors without feeling overwhelmed. You can choose an assortment of flavors, and, like with all our dessert options, we can customize them to fit your wedding's aesthetic. Mini cupcakes combine charm, variety, and deliciousness, making them a perfect addition to your dessert spread. Often times when a couple still wants that cake cutting moment I'll suggest getting a smaller cake (for the photo opt) and serving a bunch of mini cupcakes with fun flavors for guests. It's a win win for all!

And just in case you aren't convinced yet, here are a few more examples 😉 (and honestly, even if you aren't planning a wedding, these three items make great additions for any celebration!).

Bottom line, your wedding is a day to remember, and your dessert table should be as memorable as the rest of the event. By adding mini dessert cups, a French macaron tower, and mini cupcake assortments to your dessert lineup, you'll not only satisfy your guests' sweet cravings but also create a charming, enticing experience. Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars is here to take the stress out of your wedding planning and ensure your dessert table is a stunning, sweet masterpiece. With us by your side, your dream wedding is just a little bit sweeter. Reach out today so we can chat about all your options or I can send you other great recommendations that can meet your specific needs. Cheers to a truly scrumptious celebration!



Allison Powell owner of Truly Scrumptious Candy & Dessert Bars


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